Shure GLXD24/Beta87A

Shure GLXD24/Beta87A

The Shure GLXD4 system with Beta 87A is perfect for singers who want a tighter tone. Despite living in the shadow of the legendary Beta 58, the Beta 87A might be just the mic capsule you need. It features a tailored frequency response, while the rolled off low-end compensates for the proximity effect. The result? A really natural tone that isn’t boomy. This makes it perfect for male singers with low voices, or even female singers that require a very natural tone.

The GLX24’s intelligent frequency management can move to a frequency with better reception mid performance – with no interruption to the signal at all! The GLXD24 System also uses cutting edge digital 2.4GHz wireless technology and is completely licence-free!

Wireless System

  • Beta Vocal Series
  • Digital 2,4 GHz with Beta87A Handheld transmitter
  • Up to 8 systems simultaneously
  • Automatic frequency setup
  • Pilot tone
  • Microprocessor-controlled internal antenna diversity
  • Battery status displayed in hours and minutes
  • Remote adjustable transmitter gain control
  • Internal battery charger
  • Plastic hand-held transmitter with condenser, Beta87A microphone capsule , 20-20000 Hz, Supercardioid
  • Plastic receiver
  • Fixed antennas on the front
  • XLR- and Jack outputs
  • High-resolution LCD screen status display
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • Up to 60 meters operating distance
  • Delivery includes: Shure lithium-ion battery and charger set
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